Industry Standard w/ Barry Katz is exceptionally entertaining and insightful. The podcast provides a one-of-a-kind access and perspective on the business of show business, featuring candid interviews- that feel more like sitting in on private conversations- with some of the biggest players in Hollywood. You just aren’t going to hear these stories anywhere else. And let’s not forget Barry’s voice. I smile every time he talks. This podcast is a perfect example of why podcasting is such a transformative medium. Highly recommended for comedy and show biz geeks.

Harrison V.

Fun even if you aren’t in the entertainment industry. I’m not in the entertainment industry, and never will be, but I find this podcast fascinating! Barry Katz is inspirational and I love how he readily admits his mistakes. His guests are incredibly interesting, and you can take their message to “regular life.”

Gail Lucas

Listened to it once, then went back and took notes.

Nick Greene

I thought Barry’s monotone voice would put me to sleep faster than a Xanax and whiskey smoothie, but I was completely wrong. Katz’s insight into show business is very interesting, and his first podcast was already better than 99% of the podcasts out there. With every single comedian and their friend’s uncle having their own podcast nowadays, this is a new perspective into business, and it’s a must listen in my humble opinion.

Dr. Sandman

Barry Katz combines humor, knowledge and inspiration that apply to every industry (even sales). Keep up the great work.

Daniel Marrazzo

This is the most useful industry podcast I have listened to! You get the real, honest, journey of top performers in the industry, told with humor and candor. I can’t recommend it enough for those who want to know what kind of ATTITUDE gets you far in this town. Highly recommend!

Madeline Merritt

This might be one of the best podcasts I have listened to. It is no wonder Katz has 100% rating.

Alex Pass

AMAZING podcast!  What an incredible resource for anyone in the entertainment industry or people looking to get in. Entertainment legend Barry Katz and his buddies (uh, Doug Herzog president of MTV Networks for example) share hilarious tales of shows and talent that have become household names. Do yourself and favor and subscribe to this podcast!

Lee Jacobs