Industry Standard #89 Sandra Dewey

INDUSTRY STANDARD with SANDRA DEWEY, the President of TBS/TNT Productions and Business Affairs, and long-time executive at Turner Broadcasting and Warner Brothers. From small-town living to Michael Jackson’s attorney, Sandra navigated the corporate landscape to become lead negotiator deals for Turner – like the one that brought Conan to TBS. She’s is responsible for putting together deals leading to dozens of hit shows on TNT/TBS including “The Closer” and “Lopez Tonight.” A truly inspiring episode with a great guest – don’t miss it!

Industry Standard #88 Illeana Douglas

INDUSTRY STANDARD with ILLEANA DOUGLAS, the truly one-of-a-kind actress that has appeared in dozens of films and television shows, from Martin Scorcese’s iconic film “Good Fellas” to HBO’s “Six Feet Under” to the Amy Poeler-produced series “Welcome to Sweden.” How did she go from advertising assistant to film actress to go-to television guest star to successful web series creator? Find out today on this marathon episode of Industry Standard!Illeana Douglas and Barry Katz

Industry Standard #87 Norman Lear

INDUSTRY STANDARD with NORMAN LEAR, possibly the most influential and successful figure in television history, the creator of “All in the Family”, “Sanford and Son”, “The Jeffersons”, “Maud”, “One Day at a Time”, “Good Times”, and “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.” This 93-year-old legend shares his extremely valuable advice on trusting your instincts, taking risks, and the truth about success. Sharp and funny as ever, this is mandatory listening for entertainment professionals, fans of television, and everyone else.Norman Lear and Barry Katz

Industry Standard #86 The Mandt Brothers

INDUSTRY STANDARD with Neil and Michael Mandt, the six-time Emmy Award-winning producers and partners in the LA based Mandt Bros. Prodictions company. Starting in a hot apartment overlooking the Chinese Theater, the brothers have produced over 1,500 hours of television for several major networks, including the hit ESPN series “Jim Rome is Burning”, and produced the Disney film “Million Dollar Arm” starring Jon Hamm. An inspiring episode about going from nothing to industry leaders through focus – check it out!Neil Mandt, Michael Mandt, Barry Katz

Industry Standard #85 Bill Grundfest

INDUSTRY STANDARD with Bill Grundfest, the writer/producer of the hugely successful “Mad About You”, and founder of the legendary Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, New York City. Why would the founder of a massively successful comedy club – hosting Jon Stuart, Robin Williams, Dave Attell, Bill Mahr, and Ray Romano – suddenly quit his job and move to LA? Find out here, free on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!
Bill Grundfest and Barry

Industry Standard #84 Pete Holmes

INDUSTRY STANDARD with PETE HOLMES, the tall, gregarious host of “The Pete Holmes Show” on TBS, a successful stand-up, an alt-scene staple, star, and all around good guy. Tune in for his advice on admitting what you want, how to channel negativity in positive directions, and where Pete was sitting when he found out his show had been cancelled… Don’t miss it!
Pete Holmes and Barry Katz

Industry Standard #83 Don Reo

INDUSTRY STANDARD with DON REO, a multi-success producer, writer and author, who served as executive producer of “Two and a Half Men” for the last several seasons. A true industry veteran producer, he started writing for Red Fox and Jackie Gleason, going on to write for major TV hits like “All in the Family” and “M*A*S*H”, before creating “The John Larroquette Show” and “Blossom”. An excellent episode full of advice and hilarious stories – don’t miss it!
Don Reo and Barry Katz

Industry Standard #82 Julie Talbott

INDUSTRY STANDARD with JULIE TALBOTT, the President of Premiere Networks, the radio division of Clear Channel / iHeatMedia. Listen to her story of trusting her instincts, working harder to get ahead, and ascending from advertising associate to partner at BBDO Advertising to COO of MJI Broadcasting to the top of level of the Clear Channel empire. Free on iTunes – listen, subscribe and rate it!
Julie Talbott and Barry Katz

Industry Standard #81 Ken Mok

INDUSTRY STANDARD with KEN MOK, the creator and producer of “America’s Next Top Model” and founder of the production company “10×10 Entertainment.” Tune in to find out why he named his company “10×10”, what Tyra Banks is really like, and how to take your career to the next level. Free on iTunes!
Ken Mok and Barry Katz

Industry Standard #80 Dionne Warwick

INDUSTRY STANDARD with DIONNA WARWICK, the five-time Grammy Award winning music legend, who has had charted 75 hit songs and sold over 100 million records. Her advice about being the star of the show, no matter who you are, will inspire you to get out there and be undeniable. Check it out on iTunes today!
Dionne Warwick and Barry Katz